406 3rd St. NE, Dilworth MN, 56529


A Christ Centered - Home Focused Community of Faith

Health for Body and Soul

“I’ve found that I need God front and center in my life. When I’m not connecting to God, the rest of my life isn’t the same.”

Excited for the Future

“We are so grateful to be a part of this congregation. God is working here.”

Growing In The Church

As she grew so did the church. The program had become larger, more involved, and more welcoming!

Grounded: A Desire to Be Known. To Belong.

“The pandemic makes it more difficult to get to know people,” they reflected. “But the worshipping community has given us a sense of home. We feel grounded here. We love having a good mix of old and young in our new faith community and enjoy both our traditional and contemporary worship services.”

50 Years of Faith

“I got to know the warm, friendly, caring people of Dilworth of all ages in the congregation. And from there, I stayed involved.”

Nurturing Faith

Jacob and his mom tested out Dilworth Lutheran and instantly felt welcomed by all the friendly people.

Weekly Reset For A Full Life

“After a stressful week, Dilworth brings me back to what is most important in my life: faith and family.”

Bitter or Better: Choosing Better!

She remembers being asked a number of times after her diagnosis, “Aren’t you mad at God for letting this happen to you?”
“You can choose to be bitter or you can choose to be better,” she would reply. “I choose to be better.”

Healed by Faith

“Church lifts up my spirits. My faith and the church are part of my healing. Now I pray every night and every morning. I know I am here for a reason because He brought me into the world.”