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Church Council

A Christ Centered - Home Focused Community of Faith

The Church Council of Dilworth Lutheran Church shapes the mission and vision of this congregation. Meeting ten times a year, the Council works to ground all ministries of the church around the Gospel of Jesus. This includes determining our vision for worship, service, education, campus use, and the financial life of the congregation. Through faith and trust in God, church council representatives from each church committee and an executive team work to create a cohesive and visionary path for our church.


Here at Dilworth Lutheran Church, committees are the heartbeat of our ministries. Together, we work to fulfill our mission: Driven by faith in Jesus Christ and working through the home, we grow discipleship, stewardship and service in the people of Dilworth Lutheran Church. Each committee works to share the enthusiasm and joy of a life of faith. As committees, our goal is to invite and include others in our work. 
How do committees work? Each April members of the congregation are nominated to serve on committees. These members are then elected by the congregation. Each term is a two-year term and there are term limits in place that help to keep new ideas and new energy entering into the committees, and essentially into the church. Below is a short description of what each committee does.


Much of our ministry happens through our building. Buildings and Grounds oversees the building and grounds of the church. It coordinates repair work, snow removal, garbage removal and brings suggestions about building improvements to Council for approval. Its work includes meeting with contractors for quotes, purchasing supplies, and good old-fashioned hard work from time to time. They keep our facilities running smoothly and looking great.

Tim Miller – 2024
Lance Tollefson – 2024
Perry Kleven – 2024
Tom Miller – 2024
Shane Richards – 2024
Bill Ritter – 2024


The Evangelism committee looks for new and exciting ways to expand the outreach of Dilworth Lutheran Church. This committee is out in the community looking for ways to help. Evangelism works with the congregation to support charities like the Dorothy Day House, Churches United for the Homeless, Habitat for Humanity, New Life Center, and many other worthy organizations that serve humankind. This committee decides where mission funds are spent. A significant mission of the evangelism committee is to encourage Dilworth Lutheran people to serve throughout the community.

Lorie Cich – 2024
Bob Feigum – 2024
Janice Huwe – 2024
Nathan Johnson – 2024
Haley Meek – 2024


Finance helps to establish the church budget and works with our bookkeeper to make sure things stay on track financially each year. The finance committee helps negotiate terms and rates for our banking, coverages and prices for our insurances, and explores other ways to make our church even more financially stable. This committee also heads up some special projects related to finances and giving, including our electronic giving options.

Juanita Kennedy – 2024
Brian Christopherson – 2024
Chad Sapa – 2024
Ross Paquin – 2024
Juanita Kennedy – 2024


The Long-Range Planning committee takes on some challenging and unique tasks. This committee reviews the churches policies and procedures, makes recommendations for change when needed, and helps create a vision for the future of Dilworth Lutheran Church. This committee is essential in making sure that our church continues long into the future.

Mark Cottrell – 2024
Kevin Peterson – 2024
Dennis Schmidtke – 2024
Sommer Julsrud – 2024


The Stewardship committee looks for new and exciting ways for people to share their time, their talents and financial gifts with the church. This group encourages people to share testimonials throughout the year on the impact of Dilworth Lutheran Church’s ministry and our need to support our ministries with time, talent and our financial support. This committee is important to the church as a part of our financial stability as a congregation and in growing individual’s discipleship as we learn to follow Jesus together.

Brennan Johnk – 2024
Ashley Johnk – 2024
Matt Klungtvedt – 2024
Amanda Paquin – 2024


The Worship and Music committee plays a very important role in our church. The church is here as a place so we may gather and worship God, hear God’s Word, and share the Sacraments. This committee helps form the way this is done here at Dilworth Lutheran Church through choosing music, shaping worship services and working on seasonal worship themes. This committee helps coordinate decorating and un-decorating with the changing times of the year. They also help to ensure that worship goes smoothly each week. The worship and music committee is involved with our talented musicians at the church, but it is not a requirement to be musically talented to serve on this committee.

LaVonne Matthews – 2024
Deb Schulz – 2024
Molly McKinnon – 2024
Allison Stuart – 2024


Young people in 7th grade through 12th grade and their homes are a part of our Youth ministries. The Youth committee plans activities and service projects for this group to keep them active and involved. Lenten suppers, the church carnival, mission trips and service projects are just some of the projects and activities the Youth committee is involved in. This committee works to include youth and their homes in these ministries.

Jason Baumgartner – 2024
Kayla Walton – 2024
Trish Rygg – 2024
Brooke Krause – 2024
Becky Kaiser – 2024
Jamie Cariveau – 2024


The Education committee is another group that impacts a large number of people here at Dilworth Lutheran Church. Sunday and Wednesday School, Vacation Bible School, Christmas programs, Sunday School Picnic, and classroom curriculum are all items that the Education committee is responsible for. Kids ages 3-12 and their homes are invited into these ministries.

Lindsay Varty – 2024
Shannon Ose – 2024
Danielle Costello – 2024
Sidney Johnk – 2024
Crystal Mosher – 2024
Alicia King – 2024