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Love God Love Neighbor

A Christ Centered - Home Focused Community of Faith

Love God Love Neighbor

Recently retired accountant and current grandchild baby-sitter, Cindy Andrew grows in her faith through Dilworth Lutheran’s mission of “Love God. Love Neighbor.”

When Cindy Andrew moved to Dilworth twenty years ago, she knew almost no one. Her kids were busy in elementary school, and she was establishing her career as an accountant. “My family’s move to Dilworth could have been a lonely and difficult transition. Instead, I found a family at Dilworth Lutheran Church.”

For Cindy, Dilworth Lutheran provides opportunities for growth in her love for God and for love of neighbor. “Dilworth Lutheran has given me so many opportunities to grow in my faith. During the week, I am able to be a part of the women’s devotional group, and I am able to mentors students in confirmation. These opportunities to learn, grow, and share my faith are so important to who I am.”

Dilworth Lutheran’s energy in helping our community has expanded Cindy’s faith. Through serving with her church family, Cindy’s faith and world has grown. “As I’ve practiced loving my neighbor at a Habitat for Humanity build site or serving at a funeral, I’ve found deeper love for God.”

This past Christmas, when Cindy walked into the Faith Life Center with gifts for children in need from our local elementary school, tears sprang to her eyes, “When I saw over a thousand gifts for people in our community and women in the jail, I was overwhelmed by the superabundance of God’s grace. Wow!”

The church is her family here in Dilworth. She knows that she’ll always have a home here for loving God and loving our neighbors.