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50 Years of Faith

A Christ Centered - Home Focused Community of Faith

50 Years of Faith

If there is an event going on at Dilworth Lutheran Church, Sandy Stultz is there. Whether she is baking pies for the Fall Dinner, participating in weekly Bible studies, or rounding up volunteers, Sandy loves serving the church.

Sandy has been actively involved in Dilworth for over 50 years. Early in their marriage, Sandy and Dennis moved to Dilworth. Sandy grew up with a strong faith and she wanted to pass this onto her children. When Sandy arrived at Dilworth Lutheran Church, she was looking for familiarity, for a place where her family could become part of a larger community in love and service. “The warmth of Dilworth Lutheran drew me in,” Sandy shared. “The people made me feel welcomed and invited me to be involved in many different areas of church ministry.”

One special person invited Sandy to become a Sunday School teacher and this made all the difference. “Teaching Sunday School let me be near my children as they were growing up and helped me talk about the faith with them. From Sunday School, I got to know the warm, friendly, caring people of Dilworth of all ages in the congregation. And from there, I stayed involved.”

For Sandy, this ministry of Dilworth Lutheran has been central to her faith life. “I am so thankful and blessed by all the friendships, prayers, and bible studies of Dilworth. I love all the pastors we have had here. They truly care about people.”

The work of being involved has been transformative for Sandy. “The ministry of Dilworth is not only for people inside the church, but it is also carried outside of Dilworth Lutheran into people’s everyday lives. The church has helped me to open my thoughts emotionally and spiritually and helped me become more accepting of today’s society.”

“I am so thankful Dilworth Lutheran Church,” Sandy says. “It has been a real blessing to be a part of this community.”