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Nurturing Faith

A Christ Centered - Home Focused Community of Faith

Nurturing Faith

Jacob is an energetic 7th grader, excited to visit with everyone he meets.

Before coming to Dilworth Lutheran Church, Jacob attended a larger church where he did not know many people. Although he enjoyed some activities at this church, he wanted to be in a community closer to home.

Jacob and his mom tested out Dilworth Lutheran and instantly felt welcomed by all the friendly people.

“Pastor Elizabeth told a story about someone lifting another person up during our first visit,” he says. “Since joining Dilworth, I feel lifted up by the church, and especially Hannah. She is so optimistic and nice about everything.”

Jacob loves the way Dilworth nurtures his faith in big and small ways. “One of the best things I’ve done at Dilworth is going on a mission trip with Hannah to Duluth. I met so many other children and saw how I can make a difference. It was life changing.”

Jacob finds joy in the daily life of the church. He loves communion, singing in church, seeing his friends, and the FOOD! “I love when the ladies in the kitchen tell me to ‘eat up’ because they have the best treats.”

Jacob’s faith has grown at Dilworth Lutheran Church. He feels connected to many people and has found the community he longed for. He loves being part of Dilworth Lutheran’s community, and, of course, snagging some of those extra treats!

Your generosity to Dilworth helps create the welcoming and nurturing environment centered in Christ that Jacob finds here.