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Health for Body and Soul

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Health for Body and Soul

Angela Weiser loves being busy. As a young adult, she loves being active in softball, she works as much as she can, and she spends her days in a Doctor of Physical Therapy program learning to heal peoples’ bodies.

Between studying, working, and playing, all of Angela’s busyness can be exhausting and sometimes overwhelming. “I love everything I do—I’m excited about all the work I’m going to do to help people heal. But studying and working all the time can be a lot.”

For Angela, Dilworth Lutheran Church has been a place to find peace and center herself. “Since I’ve started graduate school, I’ve found that I need God front and center in my life. When I’m not connecting to God, the rest of my life isn’t the same.”

Dilworth Lutheran Church has provided the setting for her to grow in her faith. “Dilworth Lutheran consistently reminds me of the joy of being in Christian community. In worship, on mission trips, and through congregation members’ testimonies during Lent, I’ve learned that we are in the life of faith together.”

“The thing I’ve appreciated the most about Dilworth is that it provides a place for people to be honest. I’ve heard about people’s struggles—struggles that I’m facing as a young adult—but I’ve also heard that God is active and leading them through life. Coming to regular worship helps remember that God is always with me and loves me.”

As she moves into physical therapy, Angela knows that the faith nurtured at Dilworth Lutheran will flourish in all her work. “At Dilworth, I’ve learned that God heals our bodies and souls. As a physical therapist I will get to live this out every day.”

As Dilworth grows into a new building, we pray that we will be able to continue to inspire, transform, and provide respite for our youth and families.