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Inspired to Keep Growing Faith

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Inspired to Keep Growing Faith

Bonnie Miller is a spunky, fun-loving, devoted member of Dilworth Lutheran Church. She is married with two children and two grandchildren. A retired cardiac pacemaker nurse, she now loves singing in the choir, playing the French horn in the Red River Valley Veteran’s Band, and, most of all, taking care of her grandchildren.

As a child, Bonnie attended an Episcopal Church, but was more active in the Lutheran Church with their youth activities. “I loved being a part of both churches. It reminded me that while we may have differences, we are all one.”

When a job opportunity brought Bonnie and her husband Greg to the FM Area, they checked out many churches. “After we visited a lot of places, we loved the warm, welcoming feeling of Dilworth Lutheran Church. The Pastor was gentle and compassionate, and the sermons were what we needed to hear. The church made such a difference for our young family. We wanted to raise our children in a faith-based environment and Dilworth Lutheran provided it. And, as a bonus, they even had a choir!”

Through their time here, Bonnie and Greg have faced many trials. Along with her faith and family, the love and care from her Dilworth congregation has given her the strength to carry on to serve others as they have served her. “Dilworth has been a great church home. The messages continue to speak to me wherever I’m at and they help carry my faith outside of the church, to work and life. The longer we have been here, the more my faith grows. I find myself praying more and getting deeper into the Bible.”

The church continues to inspire and provide love and support to Bonnie. “What I love most is the way so many people get involved. People love this church, and they continue to inspire me to become more involved. There is something here for everyone.”