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Growing In The Church

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Growing In The Church

Emalee Muhonen is a mother, wife, and member of Dilworth Lutheran Church where she attends church regularly and teaches Sunday School. Emalee has been a member of Dilworth Lutheran for as long as she can remember.

Years ago, she remembers feeling jealous of other churches when they would take their youth out on fun field trips like skiing and mission trips and at the time, Dilworth Lutheran had a very small youth program.

Fast forward many years and now Emalee is a wife and mother! She had a decision to make for her new family as to where they will worship. She decided to continue to attend Dilworth Lutheran because of how their youth program had grown. They were now offering all the things she wished she had as a child. As she grew so did the church. The program had become larger, more involved, and more welcoming!

Emalee and her family have remained members of Dilworth Lutheran Church because of the great youth program! They also stay because of family and all the amazing people in the congregation. She especially loves how the elderly population interacts with the youth; it warms her heart to see this.

Emalee remembers one day in church her first grade daughter was the only child who went up for the children’s sermon and she was very nervous. A gentleman saw her and hauled his oxygen tank over to the middle of the pews and sat down on the carpet with her. She said it is moments like this that make coming to church so special.