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Connected Through Music

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Connected Through Music

The first thing you notice about Julie Norman is her warm, beautiful smile. You might not guess that behind that welcoming smile is a woman who has dedicated much of her adult life to working in criminal justice. Julie has spent over forty years as an administrative assistant for the Department of Corrections, working long hours to ensure that work moves forward. Julie shares there are many challenges in her field. “In the decades I’ve worked in law enforcement, I’ve seen an increase in weapons, drugs and violence. It’s all out there.”

This work often shows an ugly side of life. How does Julie keep the faith after spending her days seeing things like this, day-in-and-day-out? Julie says, “Church and church music keep me grounded.” Julie finds that God’s Word of hope and good courage saturates her heart and mind through singing in the Dilworth Lutheran Adult Choir and with the worship bands. “Being in the church choir for most of my life has kept me connected with God and the church.”

This faith practice was nurtured in her youth. “When I was a kid at Dilworth Lutheran, we made a record with Shirley Bergquist. I loved it and I’ve just kept making music!” Being surrounded in songs of God’s Words strengthens her for challenges particularly at work. While she doesn’t usually quote chapter and verse in the Bible, she is grateful that so much scripture is a part of her life through singing.

And we are so grateful that the faith nurtured in her youth continues to bear fruit for us all at Dilworth Lutheran. Her voice and presence in choir have blessed us all!