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Sharing God’s Love

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Sharing God’s Love

A few years ago, David Fortin was living the dream. He and his wife Carmel Froemke had two great children, Lydia and Avery. David loved his vocation as a teacher, he loved living in Dilworth, and he loved participating in the life of the church. “Honestly,” said David, “Dilworth Lutheran drew us in because we found a way to use our skills and gifts at church. We became active at Dilworth Lutheran because we found lots of ways to participate: call committees, youth committees, Wednesday School activities, Confirmation classes, etc. That is a great thing!”

While David loved being a teacher, he felt a call from God to do something more—something where he could live out his faith in more direct ways. “I was looking for something with more overt spiritual ties, more quiet ways that I might live my faith, in places that fit me. Instead of just talking about my faith, I wanted to demonstrate it for others. I think the church is anywhere people are.”

Through participating in the life of the church, David’s faith led him to make major career move. Leaving his teaching life behind, David started working at a local non-profit, Presentation Partners in Housing. As a Housing Stability Specialist, David’s job now is to walk alongside those who are chronically homeless, help them navigate housing, and help them find the resources they need to be independent. Through helping people find housing, David’s faith has deepened and grown.

“I have found that God is there for me, in helping others. If we allow God, God works through us in the mundane, where every gesture, and every word is important. Through my interaction I want them to know that God loves them. There is nothing more important than that!”

While major career moves are scary, God is doing great things through David. And we are grateful that David is sharing the love of God found at Dilworth Lutheran with our neighbors in need!