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A Life Enriched by Faith

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A Life Enriched by Faith

Many of you know Larry Scott for his love of sports and all those articles he wrote as the Sport Information Director of MSUM (Moorhead State University of Minnesota) for 40 years! It was the perfect job given his love of sports, writing, and communication skills. “My hobby became my job,” he said. “And as great as that was, it was not everything. It was part of it, but there were some missing pieces. I was fulfilled professionally, but still seeking spiritually. I was always in search of a church that fit me.”

As Larry ventured out into the world, he initially thought bigger was better. Then he attended Dilworth Lutheran. “Jim would greet me at the door with a cup of coffee,” Larry said with a smile, “and folks were so welcoming and engaging.” Larry enjoys the good messages, the choir, and the traditional service with hymns he knows and loves to sing. “Church has enriched my life,” he said. “When I was young ‘I had to go’ to church, now ‘I get to go’ to church! It gives me substance and hope. It reminds me that small acts of kindness can give hope, and how we talk to others is important, like encouraging and giving comfort.”

Growing up, Larry went to church with his mom at Calvary Lutheran in Alexandria. “My mom’s faith and prayer life helped shape who I am. My dad worked as manager of Land O Lakes in Alexandria, and I continue to live by his example. He showed me that you can do something good without calling attention to yourself.” To honor his dad, he goes to the Dorothy Day House on a weekly basis to drop off a gallon of milk announcing, “The milk man’s here!” “And then I think to myself, ‘that’s for you dad.’”

Larry’s easy going, affable, and social nature make him a joy to be around. He still has coffee every day with family, staff, and students at the Dragon Café. After 40 years his workplace also feels like home, and he carries a wealth of knowledge and sports trivia that young people love. We’re so blessed to have you in our lives, Larry, and that you also made your home here at Dilworth Lutheran Church!!