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Passing on Resilience in Faith

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Passing on Resilience in Faith

Haley Meek and her husband Chuck love sharing their life with their young son, Eli. They have much to impart and pass down to him: a love of sports, close friendships, and a joy in spending time with family. Haley is also working to pass on a great gift that her grandparents and parents gifted her: the foundation of the life is finding hope and belonging in God.

Haley has experienced first-hand how faith can bring families through the most difficult of hardships. When Haley was a young girl, her two young cousins were killed in a house fire in Fargo while they slept. “The loss of my cousins was devastating for everyone in my family. When something like this happens, people respond in all sorts of different ways. My dad and grandparents responded by finding refuge in the church.” Haley’s family were committed to being held in their grief by God’s people at church and God Himself. “I experienced the power of the church to support her family through tragedy. I was held by God in my loss and ever since, I’ve known that God’s love bring comfort, even in the most devastating situations.”

As an adult, Haley conveys this great love of God to her family through her participation at Dilworth Lutheran. “Like the church of my youth, Dilworth Lutheran is great at sharing God’s love. I have a sense of belonging here that makes all the difference. People accept you for who you are.” At Dilworth, Haley knows and shares that she belongs to God, and is passing down this great gift.