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Serving with Many Gifts

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Serving with Many Gifts

In 1 Corinthians, St. Paul tells us that while church is one body, it has many parts. Some people serve by preaching, others by teaching Sunday School; some serve by leading music, others by keeping the lights on. Some, like Perry Kleven, serve the church at Dilworth Lutheran in all kinds of ways: when he is not gracing the church with his trumpet or making pancakes between services, he is working behind the scenes, making sure that our electrical systems and IT services are running properly.

As the service manager for Bergstrom Electric, Perry has had the opportunity to live and work in many different towns. For Perry, the community of Dilworth felt different. “When we came to Dilworth, we knew we had found a place we wanted to call home, so we bought a house and we visited Dilworth Lutheran Church.”

They immediately fell in the love with the church. “It was easy liking the church! Our core group of friends had children our age, our interests were the same and they were members here. What made it special for me were the Pastors. Their sermons, the interest and care in the members, the warmth we felt as we entered, made it easy to make Dilworth Lutheran Church our home church.”

Over the years, Perry has found Dilworth to be a great place to serve. “I was fortunate to help start the Men’s Pancake Club which brought many wonderful relationships through faith, fun and many blessings. I enjoy supporting all the Committees in our church—what a great place.”

Perry finds that using his gifts at Dilworth Lutheran has been a great blessing in his life. “By serving, I have found that in the giving I have also received. As I work for the church, I have also received many gifts of faith and friendship.”

And through Perry’s service, we have received many gifts. As St. Paul reminds us, we are all one body with many different gifts. Each one of us can serve the whole by doing our part. And through Perry’s music, talents, and pancakes, we have all been blessed.