Natalee is a 14-year-old freshman in high school. She is an excellent athlete, especially in softball. She enjoys putting together large puzzles while watching Chicago Med and is an afterschool and summer nanny for her 2 younger sisters. Natalee is always willing to help out and has a filled-with-joy attitude!!

From the outside you’d never guess Natalee has struggled with her mental health, beginning at a young age. She has a family history that involves addiction. Her personal anxiety began around the age of 6 and depression began around age eleven. She has struggled so much that Natalee has attempted suicide twice.

“When I was little,” Natalee shared, “I didn’t see the point of church.” Now, Natalee participates in Confirmation, teaches her youngest sister in Wednesday school, and is involved in all the youth events, including Mission Trips, that she can make work in her schedule.

“I can talk to Pastor Elizabeth about anything,” Natalee shared. “She doesn’t make church or Confirmation boring. She’s not afraid to make a joke and make it light in the room.”

“Church lifts up my spirits. My faith and the church are part of my healing. Now I pray every night and every morning. I know I am here for a reason because He brought me into the world. I stay involved at Dilworth because of the community, Pastor Elizabeth, and the staff. No one will judge you. These things mean everything to me. Church helps you. It steers you.”