BeFriender Ministry at Dilworth Lutheran

Meet our BeFrienders around the table! (Left to back): Chris Schmidtke, Peggy Blake, Rosalia Rey, Pastor Dan (Right to back): Mary Conway, Cheri Berland

The BeFriender Program is a caring ministry of visitation. We do 1:1 visits by phone or in-person. It is confidential. Our foundation principles are:

God is present in every encounter

Caring, not Curing

Non-judgmental presence

Active Listening

BeFrienders is a national, ecumenical, non-profit organization that has been around since the early 1980’s, providing leadership training and ongoing support for a listening ministry of lay pastoral care in congregations.

BeFrienders is a ministry of coming up alongside of others, as friend. If you know of someone who could use a BeFriender in their life call the church office (218-287-2628) and ask for Pastor Dan or email at

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